COCO Sports Bra

Jalie 4014 - COCO - Same front for views A and B
Jalie 4014 - COCO - Sport Bra
Jalie 4014 - COCO - Sport Bra (View A)
Jalie 4014 - COCO - Same front for views A and B
Jalie 4014 - COCO - Sport Bra (Views B and A)) - with modified Clara leggings
Jalie 4014 - COCO - Raceback sport bra (View B) with GIGI bikini bottom
4014 // COCO Sports Bra - Jalie

COCO Sports Bra

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Fully lined, modern sport bra with clean finish inside and out. Optional pockets for removable cups.

  • A: Crossover back
  • B: Racer back.

Choice of band widths for teens and adults (2.5 cm (1’’) or 4 cm (1 ½’’), 2.5 cm (1’’) band for kids (sizes F to L).

28 sizes included in the pattern Sizing chart / Yardage info
French, English View instructions
Metric and imperial
Sewing allowances
6 mm (1/4’’), included
What you get when buying this PDF pattern
Instructions (print or read on device)
Print at home (A4 / US Letter): 20 pages
Copy Shop (A0): 1 page(s)
Copy Shop (roll): 36'' x 48''
Projector file
PDF Feature
Layered PDF (print one size at a time)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Enough support for larger cups sizes!

I made this to match my Jalie Jessica leggings. My full bust measured a size Z but my full bust is 7” larger than my underbust so I worried the band would be too big. Since I like more compression, I made a Z in the front, and W for the back and sides and band, and they all fit together perfectly. I used nylon-spandex with power mesh for the binding without the cups for removable bra cups because I hate them. I went for a run and this bra was supportive enough to run comfortably even with G cups!

Sandra Curtis
Nice styling but absolutely not suited for C/D cups or larger

I really like Jalie patterns as a whole but this one just doesn’t really meet up to expectations. I feel like it was simply graded up from the 8-12 year old girl’s block with no changes to accommodate a woman’s bust. I tried sewing it twice simply choosing a larger bust circumference and making small adjustments to the shoulder length. I used Sportek’s Puma athletic fabric which is perfect for sports bras. Fortunately I put a bra closure on the back or there would have been no way I could have gotten it on. I’m a 34 D and my breast tissue is unflatteringly squeezed into both the size 8 and even the size 10 version. I can wear them but they are really snug and make me look like I’m flat chested- great if you’re looking for a chest binder look. I suppose I could do a full bust adjustment on the inner lining pieces then use that to determine the amount to add to the outer layer without destroying the style lines. That’s a lot of work that I wished to avoid which is why I purchased the pattern in the first place. I think from here out I’m sticking with sports bra pattern lines that provide cup sizing options. If you are an A or B cup woman or sewing for a child then this pattern would likely work.

Great pattern with nice colour block options

Just finished my toille of the coco 4014. Another great pattern from jalie. I made a couple of changes. A tip from Jenny’s reviews said take out the side seam in the lining - less bulk and only need it if you don’t have enough fabric. I attached the band differently so I could use overlocker to sew the band onto the bra. I sewed the gap right side together, turned it and clipped at the end of the stitching to bring the seam allowance out. I then stitched the band ends together and pressed band wrong sides together and overlooked band onto bra through all thickness. Also I didn’t want the seam to show at the centre back so I positioned it under the arm. I then worked out the new centre back position and used that to measure the gap. The gap is distance between the notches minus the seam allowance (x2). Hope that makes sense. My gap measures 3 inches (7 cm). I made Fabric was left over from another make heavy Lycra titan from Funkifabrics uk. Love jalie patterns.

Lovely fit, could simplify girls sizes

This is the new Jalie Coco 4014 pattern. My daughter measured a perfect Size 7 although she’s 12. For these smaller girls sizes there are no cups involved and I feel that the pattern could have simplified the lining construction due to this. 5 pattern pieces is just not necessary when you’re sewing them to produce a flat piece with no shape. Also the 4 additional seams add unnecessary bulk and the whole process takes up time unnecessarily. Next time I’ll be merging all those pieces into one. The band I found strange to attach to the wrong side and then fold it upward on the outside. I would have preferred to sew it first to the right side and fold it upwards towards the inside. I feel this would have guaranteed a better seam on the outside. I wonder if this is to reduce the bulk on the inside though? Overall I am very happy with the fit. My daughter loves it and says it’s very comfortable.