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Happy customers

I love Jalie & have recommended them SO many times to so many people. The patterns are versatile, and they fit so well. There is nothing worse than taking the time to make something & have it be ill fitting or unflattering. That is never an issue with Jalie.I found Jalie patterns years ago when my 3 girls were younger...I loved that I could buy one pattern & sew for myself and each of them, and it worked for all of us! Whether mom-curves, a more athletic built child, or a tall thin one, Jalie never let us down!

Melissa Chambers, Iowa (USA)

Jalie patterns have all three qualities I'm looking for: logical and easy to follow construction, great fit, and flattering style. I also LOVE that many are available for download so I can print separate sizes for large adult me and my small daughter from one pattern. Thank you, Jalie!

Mary Amburgey, Ohio (USA)

I'm SO glad I came across Jalie patterns!!! I make costumes for stage performers (Drag Queens) & Jalie is always my FIRST choice for body suits, leotards, and fun creative patterns. The PDF pattern is SO easy to download & assemble! Oh, and ALL the sizes you get?! There are so many I can always guarantee a great fit! I truly get my money's worth when I shop with Jalie!! Thank you for making my life so much easier!

Tony Diaz, Georgia (USA)

I have two granddaughters (2 and 3 years old) one in gymnastics and one in dance. Thanks to Jalie patterns and tutorial they are the best dressed toddlers in their classes! Thanks Jalie!

Gigi Gromelski, Texas (USA)

5 stars on everything! Living in a country where everything is hard to find, your patterns came to me last year as a chance for my daughters to shine on roller skates...

Today I'm proud to say that thanks to Jalie, more than 20 girls are showing my new passion for lycra sewing! Thank you!

Patricia Fernandes, Faro (Portugal)

I love the patterns that are the best fitting patterns I have been able to fine. I get excited when new ones come out for me to buy!

Kim Holley, Florida (USA)

Multi-sized sewing patterns

We bundle kids, teen and adult sizes in each pattern so you can easily blend between sizes for a perfect fit, over the years.

Easy-to-use PDF patterns

Click, print and start sewing in new time. Print at home, use a projector or have your pattern printed at your favorite copy shop.

Patterns printed on heavy paper

Long-lasting patterns you can use over and over. Hundreds of designs in stock, ready to ship!