How to download and print your PDF Patterns

How to access the pattern download links

    • On the "Thank you" page after your submit your order
    • In the email titled "Links for patterns in order XXXX" (big red button labeled "View your downloads")
    • Your account on the Jalie website (My Downloads page) (access to all PDFs you have ever purchased on the Jalie website)

    Once you are on the pattern links page

    1 - Click on the file you want to download (we recommend downloading the instructions + the format you need)
        • Print at home = prints on A4/Letter
        • Copy shop = prints on a plotter, on big sheets of paper. You need to download those files if you want to send the file to a copy shop for printing. Contact the shop to know if they prefer A0 or 36'' continuous file (for any pattern that prints on more than one A0 sheet, we also provide you with a 36'' continuous document as well).
        • Projector = Download only if you use a projector. This file is NOT meant to be printed.
      2 - Save the file. Depending on your device settings, the PDF will either open in new tab/window or be automatically saved to your "Downloads".
          • If the file opens in a window (meaning that you see the document in your browser window Chrome/Edge/Safari/Firefox), select "Save/Download". On some browsers, it's a button at the top of the screen, in others, I will be "save" under the "File menu. DO NOT print from your browser. Save the file to a convenient location.
          • If the file was saved automatically to your Downloads folder, locate the folder on your hard drive / device. Move it to a more convenient folder if you want.

        3 - Print your pattern file (or have it printed for you) 

        If you are having the pattern printed at a copy shop:

          • Transfer the Copy Shop file to a USB key or email / upload the file onto the copy shop's website. We gathered a list of online copy shops for you if you cannot find one in your area.

        If you print at home

        We strongly recommend that you use a computer for the next steps. There is no phone/tablet app that lets you control print settings or use the layers functionality.

        1. Open Adobe Reader (not Corel, not Preview, not Inkscape). Adobe Reader is a free PDF reader and allows you to use the Layers feature to print one size at a time
        2. Hide the layers you do not need (see this post for more details)
        3. Print at 100% scale / Actual size, making sure your "tile" is centered in the printing preview (in orange, below).

          You might need to play with the settings to get the preview looking good. Some printer drivers are picker than others...

          If you have issues with margins covering the border and corner marks of your tile, click "page setup" to ensure the correct printer is selected, that it is not set to "any printer". You need to select your printer from the list to ensure the margins apply correctly.

          Checking or unchecking "Choose paper source by PDF page size" can sometimes solve layout issues as well.