Pattern types

Paper, PDF or Paper+ PDF combo - you choose what works best for you! Each option has its pros and cons and we want to make sure you enjoy the process from purchase to sewing. Here is some info about each format.

Format availability may differ from one pattern to the other. Make sure you click the drop-down menu to see all the options for each pattern.


The pattern, printed on heavy white paper, along with the instructions, is sent to your by mail/courier. If you want to keep the pattern to make garments in multiple sizes, you will have to trace off your size, using tracing paper or plastic drop sheet.

When the paper version sells out and we decide not to reprint it (to make room for new styles), the pattern will become PDF-only so don't wait too long when you have a paper pattern in your wish list :)



PDF   (downloadable pattern)

After you complete your purchase, you will receive links to download the files you need for your project:

  • Instructions (the same as you get with the paper pattern)
  • Pattern pieces 
    • Print at home (prints on A4 or US Letter) that you need to assemble before cutting or tracing your size
    • Copy Shop (prints on A0 or 36'' continuous paper) that is exactly like the printed pattern
    • Projector File (for selected patterns) to use your pattern without paper

If the pattern is layered (check in PDF Characteristics to see if it is), you will be able to print one size at a time, when printing from Adobe Reader.



PAPER + PDF,  the best value

You get the best of both worlds! Get a digital backup of your paper pattern for a fraction of the regular PDF price.

Your PDF files are accessible right after purchase and you get a hard copy delivered to you. Whichever type you prefer to use, you have a backup version at a discounted price.