Jalie 101 : Sewing Instructions

What would a pattern be without instructions? One big puzzle!

Since the very beginning, Jalie pattern have always included illustrated instructions with French and English text, along with black and white illustrations.
Jeanne always sketches the instructions first and then they are redrawn in Illustrator and translated to English

People were not keen on having to go back and forth between text and illustrations. To solve that, we decided to put everything together, images in the middle and texts on both sides, like this:

Instructions of our latest Bobbie top

That is the format used for all patterns since 2014 (pattern numbers 3460 and up). We are always happy when we can find ways to make our customers' lives easier :)

A Very Important First Page

Always take the time to look at the first page of the instructions! It contain essential information:

Front, back and different views that are included in the pattern. You might have to come back to this section when you select the pieces you need to trace for a specific view.

Seam allowances are always included. We indicate here whether to sew 6 mm (1/4'') or 1 cm (3/8'') from edge.

This is where we indicate which measurement is most important when choosing your size.

All the pieces are listed here with the same names, labels and cutting info that you find on their respective labels.

We use white for the right side, grey for the wrong side. Dotted white for right side of lining, dotted grey for wrong side of lining.

If we have tips / tricks or other information that you need to know before cutting, we will put it there.

Short and Sweet... but Complete

One of our objectives when we write our instructions is to get to the point, be clear but helpful, guiding you step by step. For some patterns, we also provide you with a free video tutorial. We do not include general sewing information (thread, needle, sewing lexicon), because there is simply not enough room on the pattern sheet.

That being said, if you are a beginner and have questions or get stuck at any point when sewing your garment, we are here to help! Don't hesitate to ask questions in our sewing group on Facebook or email us, letting us know what step is puzzling you.
That being said, don't overthink! Don't try to "sew in your head" and understand every single step BEFORE you even touch the fabric. Some steps can look tricky at first, but it should all make sense once you have the pieces in your hands, ready to sew. 

One Big Sheet

On our paper patterns, the instructions being printed next to the pieces, it requires good folding skills to keep the text next to you while you sew. 

No need to be a Black Belt in origami to read your instructions :)
This is why we make them available online to be downloaded and printed.

With the free downloadable instructions, you can view the instructions on a tablet (this means you can zoom in too!) or print on regular paper to keep the instructions next to your sewing machine while the complete pattern is stored in its pouch.

Instructions downloaded on a tablet, ready to cut and sew a swimsuit!

You will find the downloadable instructions on the pattern page (on www.jalie.com). Simply click "SIZING, DETAILS AND INSTRUCTIONS" on the pattern page and click "VIEW instructions" and you will see the PDF document that you can download or print. Whatever works best for you!
Happy sewing!

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