2921 Scarf-collar top // Video tutorial

A step-by-step video to show you how to make this instant gratification project. It is not difficult and gives a very unique top that will have people ask you "where did you get this top? You maaddddde it?!" 

This knit top pattern featured a scarf-style collar that looks complex but that is easy to sew, especially with this step-by-step video! We use a burrito technique and it is very satisfying to turn everything right side out at the end and see the final result that is beyond your average top pattern.

The fabric used for this garment is a polyester knit. You can also make the scarf-collar top with soft bamboo knit or anything that has a nice stretch and that does not grow too much. You can tie the collar the way you want or upcycle/buy a buckle for a unique finish.

If you are a confident beginner, jump in, print the sewing instructions and follow each step, at your own pace.

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