Different Fabrics, Different Tops & Dresses - MICHELLE & ADÈLE

It's not always easy picking a fabric for a sewing project. Sometimes we love the print but have doubts on the weight and drape. The fabric you choose can make a big difference in the final result, especially where there is ease, ruffles, or gathers involved.

To help you better visualize how various fabrics look, we made a few versions of the Michelle dress and Adele tops. This way, you can see how the choice affects the fit and style on both garments.


For the ADÈLE Top / Tunic, the type of fabric you choose will decide on how your shoulder ruffle looks. Some people like a subtle, "waterfall" look, others prefer a statement ruffle that emphasize the shoulders. The top can be made in a knit too, but the garment becomes a bit more challenging to sew.

From left to right:
See how the ruffle falls flat in the knit, stays horizontal in the cotton and "in-between" in the crepe? The pattern works with all three fabrics. In prototyping and on the pattern cover, we used crepe for the adult, cotton for the child. The ruffle being two layers of fabric, fold your fabric when you buy it to have an idea of how thick the ruffle will be.


The Michelle dress is roomy, with a gathered skirt. If you want the fabric to stay closer to your body, you will need to go with something soft and flow like rayon challis.

From left to right:

See how the bottom of the armhole looks different and how the shape of the skirt changes. If you like the structure of a heavier fabric but don't want the skirt to look too big, you can make it a bit narrower, which will remove volume around the body and reduce the gathers at the seam, making it a bit less bulky.

Have fun, experiment with fabrics, and share your creations on our website and on Instagram #jalielife #jalieadele #jaliemichelle !

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