The story behind the Marie-Claude Pattern

As most of you know, our 3245 raglan top is very popular and you probably have it in your pattern stash already. Over the last years, many people have been asking how to raise the neckline. It's not impossible to do... but it's not a fun alteration so we decided to take care of it :)

It was 100% clear that we did not want to do a copy/paste of the previous pattern. We started from scratch and kept one word in mind: versatility!


The Pattern

The new MARIE-CLAUDE  includes, a draping turtleneck, a hood (with an optional hole for the ponytail), a regular neck band. You have the choice between a regular cuff or a fun cuff with thumbholes.

This top is great for lounging, running, as a thermal layer. It is a top that you feel comfortable in, no matter what you are doing :) The curved hem provides a little more coverage without "cutting your silhouette in half".

It is less fitted than our Valerie Rashguard pattern. It skims the body without clinging. There is some ease in the sleeve, without having fabric bunching under the arm (which is often the case in loser-fitting raglan tops).

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The Marie-Claude can easily be lengthened into a dress by adding to the hem. In a soft hacci knit, it makes a great fall/winter dress!

Who is Marie-Claude?

Henri changed school in Grade 2 and this past Christmas, he told be he would love to see his physical education teacher from his old school, "Madame Marie-Claude", because he missed her too much.

I managed to get in touch with her and she surprised him at his tennis class. He was delighted to spend an hour with her to chit chat and I was very grateful that she took the time to come see him. A generous and kind gesture that we will both remember forever!

Marie-Claude is a wonderful teacher who always goes the extra mile to make her students happy and enjoy sports as much as she does. This pattern is my way to thank her for making a difference in Henri's life :)

After our long chat filled with fun memories of the two years Henri spent with her, I thought her name would be the perfect pick for a versatile pattern for women who love to move. From running top to thermal underwear for skiing on Quebec hills, this pattern has got you covered!

A Special Prototype... 

Last summer, we spent a week at Village Vacances Petit-Saguenay (VIVA) (a wonderful all-inclusive camping in Saguenay - think Club Med along a Fjord... out of this world!), my little gymnast did a cartwheel in the grass and broke her arm.

Long story short, what should have been the worst summer-vacation-scenario turned out to be the most amazing customer service I ever experienced. The staff when above and beyond to make sure everything would go as smoothly as possible for everyone in the family. The VIVA team blew us away with their humanity.

A great team of fun people with big hearts! 

Bidule's Lucky Towel

The first thing Éléonore asked for when she woke up at the hospital was "mommy, can you pass me the lucky towel my new friend gave me yesterday?". I reached for the beach towel an animator gave her the night before and broke into tears when I saw, written with a Sharpie, "BE BRAVE, I AM THINKING OF YOU,  Bidule ". A totally unexpected, generous and thoughtful gesture that made a big difference for my little one.

What does this have to do with the raglan pattern!??!

When Éléonore saw her arm all wrapped up, she started crying. Not because she had a cast that would keep her from biking and swimming all summer, but because they had to cut off her favorite raglan tee.

I had kept the cut-off sleeve the doctor gave me and I turned it into a pirate hat for "Pin-Pin" to make her smile! Needless to say that we will keep this one-sleeved raglan tee in our memory box for a while :)

She did not want to drive back to Quebec City. She wanted to go straight back to VIVA for the remaining two days we had originally booked. "Mommy, our group has not found the Marshmallow Tree yet!". We stayed until the end of the week, as planned.

She found the tree, everyone was happy :)

Yes. The place was THAT magical. Village-Vacances Petit-Saguenay


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