Swimsuit with Removable Swim Cups // FREE Extra for the Diane pattern

In today's post, we have a little freebie for you!

As you may know, the original DIANE one-piece swimsuit was designed with sewn-in swim cups. It makes the swimsuit very comfortable, with no "moving parts". That being said, the process can be a little intimidating for some and it requires buying a new pair of foam cups for each suit.

In order to provide an option for those who prefer removable cups, we decided to create a new front pocket piece that allows you to insert foam cups between the lining and outer fabric.

CLICK HERE to download the new, free, pocket piece. The PDF file includes the pieces and the instructions to attach it to the original one-piece front of the DIANE and is drafted for sizes P to FF (teens, adults and plus size).

If it is your first time working with a PDF pattern piece, take a look at our HOW TO PRINT A PDF guide.

You can "borrow" swim cups from another suit or buy new ones in fabrics stores and online. There are plenty on Amazon and Etsy, in different shapes, thicknesses, colors and materials.

Looking for swimsuit inspiration for you or your little ones? Go take a look at the beautiful customers' creations photos on the pattern page.


Did you know that we also recently launched a variation pack that includes 3 new designs for the Diane? Same back, three new fronts!

Tie-fronts (with or without opening) and a surplice neckline. The new designs work with the back of the Diane, a keyhole back that stays put when you are in the water!

The Diane and its front variations come in 27 sizes. This means you have all sizes, from toddlers to plus sizes, included in one envelope. No need to pick a size at checkout - you get them all!
Happy sewing!

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