Jalie 101: What's in a Jalie Pattern

Many people wonder how Jalie is different from other patterns they have tried. We thought it would be a good idea to sum it all up in a few blog posts. It will also give you useful info about patterns, things you perhaps never noticed before ;)


99% of our sewing patterns are initially released in paper (printed) format and then converted in PDF (a digital format that works on Mac and PC) in house, for those who prefer printing at home (or copy shop). We make exceptions for design ideas that would not fit on the standard 38x50 sheet (like our circle skirt pattern or the Galaxie series)

Whenever a printed sewing pattern is discontinued to make more room in the warehouse, the PDF pattern stays to keep the pattern available to people who might have missed it during the 8-10 year period where it was available in print.

You are getting the exact same product whether you buy a paper or PDF pattern, but the information that comes with the pattern pieces is simply packaged a bit differently. 
With a printed pattern, it's all on that one giant sheet of heavy white paper. You have to trace the piece in order to use the pattern in more than one size.
With a PDF pattern, you have a separate file where all the precious information you need to assemble your pages and the garment is grouped. You can either print that information or only download it on a tablet to save paper and ink. You can print one size at a time and reprint as many times as needed, cutting your pieces each time (if you are not a fan of tracing).

What's in a Pattern?

Here are the main sections that we will cover in this series:
A - Measurement chart / Sizes (once the sheet is folded it becomes the "back of the pattern")
The main areas that you will find on a printed (paper) pattern

If you purchase a PDF pattern, the instructions are in the first document, labelled "INSTRUCTIONS".

Free Instructions vs. Instructions in the PDF pattern

Free sewing instructions for all our patterns are available online.  You will find a link under the "tutorials and instructions" tab). This way, you can read them before purchasing to assess the skill level required, if you feel comfortable tackling the project. You might also find free video tutorials for select patterns.

The instructions included in the PDF patterns include the same sewing instructions but also everything else you need to complete the project (sizing, cutting layout, elastic charts, etc) that you will NOT find in the free download.

We strongly recommend you ALWAYS download the instructions file when you buy a digital pattern.

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