3244 Footed Pyjama / Video Tutorial

Jeanne shows you how to sew a footed pyjama, using onesie pattern Jalie 3244 for kids, teens and adults.

Learn how to cut your pieces, sew the pocket, assemble the garment sew the zipper at center front, attach a collar, cuffs and feet for warm pajamas.

Don't forget that the pattern sewing instructions are available for download if you want to follow along. 

The garment in this video tutorial is made with polar fleece, which is very easy to sew and available in most fabric stores.

If you are between sizes or sewing for someone who's measurements fall into different sizes, make sure to check our other tutorial explaining in more details how to lengthen or shorten this pattern for a perfect fit.

You can find the zip pulls that you see at the end directly on our website, for your next sewing project.

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