Print and Assemble a PDF Pattern

You successfully purchaseddownloaded and opened your Jalie PDF pattern in Adobe Reader . You are now ready to print and assemble it.

You can also download our PDF printing instructions for future reference (the guide includes instructions for layered PDFs).



  • Locate the page where you see a TEST rectangle.
    You want to print one page to see how it works? Download our sample PDF test page  
  • Print that page only. In the Éléonore pattern (and most patterns), the TEST rectangle is on page one, so we set the printing range to page 1 only:

Printing the test page // page range: 1, fit to page NOT selected


When printing, make sure that:

  • You print at 100% scale. The labels in your dialog window may vary:
    • FIT TO PAGE: NO (or unchecked)
    • SCALE = 100% 
  • You use a fast printing option, not high quality (to save ink)
  • You print on one side only
  • If your pattern is layered (the information in included in the instructions when they are), hide the layers you do not wish to print, to print your size only.


  • If the measurements are ok:
    • Go ahead and print all the pages
  • If the rectangle is too big:
    • Change the scale to 99% or 98% until it is the right size
    • Print the other pages
  • If the rectangle is too small:
    • Change the scale to 101% or 102% until it is the right size
    • Print the other pages


On each page, you will see a border with thick corners. That is the edge of your pattern TILE (which is 7 1/2'' x 10'' in order to print on both Letter and A4 paper).


Fold one margin and tape the sheet onto the next one, matching marks and pattern lines


A diagram on one of the first pages shows you how to position each tile.

  • Cut or fold the right margin of each page
  • Tape/glue the tiles together, matching the border lines and corners (to form a little diamond), inside pattern pieces
  • Work row by row, left to right
  • Cut/fold the bottom margin of row 1 and tape it to row 2. Repeat for the other rows

Trim bottom of row and tape it to the following row


Once your pattern is assembled, you can trace or cut it. Remember that you can print your PDF sewing pattern as many times as you need, once it is saved to your computer.


If you reached the download limit because you forgot to save / had trouble downloading / hit the button too many times because of slow connection, do not hesitate to contact us.


We are always there to help :)


Happy sewing!

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