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You will need:

  • Your Éléonore Pull-On Jeans Pattern cut in your main fabric (stretch woven)
    (do not trace/cut original front yoke (piece B))
  • The 4-page Pocket Add-On (pocket facing and pocket lining)
  • Lining fabric
    (a lightweight woven fabric - have fun with funky fabric scraps you have in your stash!)
  • The usual hardware
    (scissors, pins, iron, thread (we use topstitching thread as needle thread with matching regular thread in the bobbin for this tutorial)

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Let's sew!

Assembling the pockets (replaces steps 17-21 from the original instructions)

1- Finish the curved edge of your pocket facings with an overlock (serger) or zigzag stitch and press flat:

2- Pin the WRONG SIDE of the facings to the WRONG SIDE of the lining, matching notches and corners. Stitch 5 mm (1/4'') from curved edge:

3- Fold pocket lining in half, wrong sides together, to create the bottom crease:

4- Pin WRONG SIDE of lining to RIGHT SIDE of front, matching notches, and stitch 1 cm (3/8'') from edge:

5- Trim and clip in the curve up to, but without cutting, the thread:

6- Understitch (bring seam allowance towards lining and stitch, taking in all the layers):

7- Turn right side out and topstitch.


La French seam (for a sturdy pocket and clean finish)

8- Bring right sides of inside edge together and stitch 3 mm (1/8'') from edge. Trim the seam allowance at 2 mm. 

9- Turn right side out, make sure your corner is nice and clean, stitch on right side, 5 mm (1/4'') from edge to enclose the previous seam.

10- Align all edges together and baste top and side edges. 

 Voilà! You can keep assembling your jeans following the regular instructions :)

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