Parka doublé

2008 // Lined Parka - Jalie
2008 // Lined Parka - Jalie
Jalie 2008 - Lined Parka Pattern
2008 // Lined Parka - Jalie
2008 // Lined Parka - Jalie
2008 // Lined Parka - Jalie
2008 // Lined Parka - Jalie
2008 // Lined Parka - Jalie

Parka doublé

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Parka que vous pouvez doubler d'un polar pour un manteau chaud ou d'un nylon pour une couche imperméable qui vous protège des éléments.
  • Cordon élastique à la taille
  • Poches zippées avec rabat
  • Poignets et capuchon ajustables
  • Patte au devant qui bloque le vent
  • Capuchon avec visière "anti-goutte"
  • Publié en 2000 (prenez le temps de vérifier vos mesures dans le tablesu disponible sous "détails, tailles et instructions" puisque votre taille Jalie pourrait être différente sur ce patron, comparativement aux patrons plus récents)

Tailles incluses
22 tailles incluses dans le patron Tableau de mesures
Français, anglais Voir les instructions
Métriques et impériales
Valeurs de couture
1 cm (3/8’’), incluses
Types de fichiers
Instructions (print or read on device)
Impression à la maison (A4 / Lettre): 46 pages
Grand format (A0): 2 page(s)
Copy Shop (roll): 36'' x 88''
Fichier pour projecteur
Impression une taille à la fois (calques)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Not a bad pattern, but could use more detail

This is a complicated pattern, definitely not for beginners. One thing Jalie has done well in other patterns is to colour cycle the adjacent sizes. That would have been helpful here. There is a bit of ambiguity in the pattern pieces: some say size S-AA, others just end at R or S, causing me to wonder what happened to the other sizes?

It would have been *extremely* helpful if the pattern pieces had been referred to by letter in the directions.

In the illustrations for the front pocket there is a diagonal line indicating where to sew. However the pattern pice does not have this line! A sentence saying to connect the letters to make the line would have been nice.

This pattern is almost identical to a North Face jacket I have. Because the jacket is Gore-tex, I used the same fabric. The gore-tex (3 layer) was too thick for the pocket-zipper covering(piping). It's a great way to hide the zipper, but unnecessary because there is a flap for the whole zipper pocket. So, the zipper covering was a bit unnecessary for this jacket. Also, with the notions, it would be helpful to have a length for seam-sealing tape. These jackets are used in the rain in BC, and it would be good to be able to pre-purchase the entire amount.

WOW, is this a great jacket

I made this jacket several years ago; I'll probably wear it forever - it's that good. (OK, if it doesn't last forever, I'll just make another one.) The project as a whole seems pretty advanced; however, if you take the steps one at a time, and do as you're told, you will get through it and have a beautiful result. The one thing I had a problem with was the lining insertion into the shell; I couldn't see how that could work. When I finally pinned it as in the illustration (the illustrations are more helpful than I first thought), and turned the whole ting right side out, I saw that this method DOES in fact work, and works better than anything I'd ever seen before. Anything that can teach me as much as this one pattern did, is definitely worth doing. Thanks!

Excellent end result

The pattern is difficult but very rewarding once you see the jacket, I would use it definitely again.

Excellent pattern

I was really pleased with excellent illustrated instructions and the great pattern drafting, complete with helpful pattern notches. The directions for the zippered welt pocket are the best I've seen. The coat is time consuming, but I felt this pattern took a lot of the mental work out of making it. I'm really happy the parka and will probably make more in the future.

Challenging project

The instructions require alot of studying, especially assembling the liner to the shell. This is a challenging project, but will give you great satisfaction when complete. It also will take a lot of hours to complete - so be patient and look forward to a parka you can be proud to say you made yourself.