Robe de patinage twist ou licou

Jalie 3028 - Halter Skating Dress Pattern with Ruffle Skirt
3028 // Twist and Halter Dresses - Jalie
Jalie 3028 - Twist Skating Dress Pattern with A-Line Skirt
Jalie 3028 - Twist Skating Dress Pattern with Ruffle Skirt
Jalie 3028 - Twist and Halter Skating Dress Pattern
3028 // Twist and Halter Dresses - Jalie

Robe de patinage twist ou licou

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  • Robe avec choix de corsage twist (A) ou licou (B)
  • Taille empire avec culotte intégrée.
  • Jupe ligne A en trois pièces avec ou sans volants.

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Customer Reviews

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Good base

I used this pattern as the base of a La La Another day of sun dress. I added ruching detail and adjusted the back a little to adjust where the skirt fell. Changed the skirt for a double layer full circle with crinoline on one of the layers.

Successful as usual

I found this pattern a little bit more confusing than most of the Jalie patterns but I watched the crossover tutorial and found it fairly easy to follow. The rest of the dress was easy to put together. I modified the skirt by adding one from a different Jalie pattern in my collection. (I love that pattern pieces from different Jalie patterns can usually be used together with minimal adjusting needed.)

Makes Beautiful Leotards!

I have used this pattern so many times to make dance leotards(by combining the mid and bottom as one piece and omitting skirt). The girls have to wear a black leotard to class but we can add a bit of glam to the halter or the twisted piece. This group of girls has something against sleeves on their leotards at the moment so this style is a big hit! On the twisted top I cross the straps at the back - and I find that the elastic measurement is too long for the back (size 9 10 anyway) I cut it shorter so it doesn't sag underneath their arms. Love your patterns Jalie - would love them even more if a skirtless option was included!


Made this for a really tall girl, pattern was easy to lengthen, twisted top was super simple, and looked gorgeous overall. will make again for sure!

Dani in Oz
Love it!

I made view B with the halter top last night and found it went together really easily and i love the look. I haven't tried it on the girl it's for yet, but it looks great on my dummy. I have found like Jinnie that I often make the skirts on Jalie patterns wider as they are a bit fitted for my taste. This one I made unaltered, but i don't think the dance involves too much upside down work, so shouldn't be a problem. I also left the bottom flat skirt piece out (so the bottom of my skirt is just a frill) which should help.