Maillots de gymnastique rythmique

Jalie 3026 - Rhythmic Gymnastics Dress Pattern
3026 // Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard - Jalie
Jalie 3026 - Rhythmic Gymnastics Dress Pattern
Jalie 3026 - Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard Pattern
Jalie 3026 - Black velvet dress with black mesh upper bodice and sleeves
3026 // Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard - Jalie

Maillots de gymnastique rythmique

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Léotard / justaucorps à manche longue avec petite ouverture au dos, découpe en coeur au devant, bande à l'encolure et attache au cou.

  • Le modèle A a une jupe ligne A pour la gymnastique rythmique et le twirling.

Les motifs d'étoiles et de rubans sont inclus dans le patron. Les fleurs ont été découpées dans des tissus spandex imprimés.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Easy to make, but neckline is way too low

I made this for an adult aerialist for a lyra performance. The pattern instructions were easy to follow, despite my being a novice sewist. Two things I will change when I remake it:
1) The neckline is too low. This leotard is for super flexible performers. If your performer reaches overhead and arches their back, they may put on an inappropriate peep show. I had already cut the pattern so I added a one inch row of stretch sequins just above the sweetheart line. But honestly it needed to go even higher.
2) The leg line is quite high. I would lower it significantly next time. With this cut it will creep up, even with the elastic around the legs. My performer also had a curvy backside, and the coverage she prefers just wasn't there.

I also made a few modifications from the beginning, to include lining the full bodice in shaper mesh and creating pockets for modesty inserts at the bust.

Brilliant pattern

Pattern is super eay to follow , and very amenable to modification/creativity! I will say the neckline falls slightly lower than I prefer- but this is easy to adjust.

Flattering pattern, skirt placement very easy

I chose this pattern because my skater wanted a sweetheart neckline and required a complicated combination of fabric layering and reverse applique. Thinking about the challenge was worse than doing it. Slept on it a good few nights and it all became clear what I had to do. Only major fitting issue was the sleeve, it needed to be shorter and tighter, then tighter some more from elbow to wrist. Also raised the armsyce.

Very happy

Made three of them for girls acrobatic gymnastics trio: same design, different sizes, different body types. The pattern was easy to modify and adjust.

Love it!!

I love this pattern, I can make leotards to fit my small one and they look great! The pattern is very well drafted and the instructions easy to follow. I left off the sleeves and it was easy enough to adjust for my own preferences. Can't rave this pattern enough.