Robe de patinage princesse

Jalie 2791 - Princess Skating Dress for Girls
2791 // Princess Skating Dress - Jalie
Jalie 2791 - Princess Skating Dress for Girls
Jalie 2791 - Princess Skating Dress for Women
Jalie 2791 - Princess Skating Dress for Women
2791 // Princess Skating Dress - Jalie

Robe de patinage princesse

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  • Robe avec coupe princesse au devant
  • Illusion de manche tombante
  • Encolure ronde dégagée
  • Jupe circulaire
  • Drapé au milieu devant
  • Culotte intégrée

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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Burke

Pattern easy to work with and true to size

Pretty skirt, huge yoke

I made this dress to my own size, grading between my bust, waist, hips and girth as I usually do. Unfortunately it transpires that the upper body / yoke part is enormous in relation to the chest. Unless you happen to have weightlifters shoulders I guess. I had to take it apart, size down the yoke two whole sizes, then take in each of the seams of the bodice a little to match the new smaller yoke. Absolute PITA and the whole thing still doesn’t fit great across the shoulders. Now I see why so many pics have a mesh sash or similar detailing around the top of the bodice, or the skater posing with their arms outstretched to minimise wrinkles, I do love the skirt element but if I was making this again I’d just transplant the skirt onto a modified Fiona to get the fit better around the chest / shoulders / arms.

Lots of fun!

My daughter loved her birthday dress in this pattern for her ice skating party (she chose the fabrics)! The first time I sewed the pattern I definitely had a learning curve and had to seam rip a lot, but the second dress came together much better. Will be sewing more.

Kris Malmin

This pattern worked great for Jasmine costumes for a dance team. I did need to put loops for clear bra straps on as it is for kick and I tightened up the mesh up top a bit. Very easy to follow instructions and the pattern goes together very well. 😊

Beautiful dress

Lovely pattern. I can't recommend this pattern enough. I will be definitely be using it again.

Lots of the reviews suggested lengthening the skirt front so I did this by several sizes but my daughter didn't like it. I then used the same size as the rest of the pattern, which my daughter preferred, however I thought it was too short. Next time I'll cut it one size longer at the front as a compromise.

I added a non stretch fabric under the back skirt. Fortunately there were no issues getting the dress on and off as there is enough stretch left in the front. It's easy to customise by changing the sleeves.