CARMEN - Robe de patinage

Jalie 3465 - Carmen Skating Dress in Stretch Lace over Spandex with Nude Mesh Sleeve
Jalie 3465 - Carmen Skating Dress Pattern Cover
Jalie 3465 - Carmen Skating Dress in Velvet with Solid Blue Mesh
Jalie 3465 - Carmen Skating Dress with Printed Mesh Sleeve
Jalie 3465 - Carmen Skating Dress with Printed Mesh Sleeve
Mix and Match Carmen (3465) and Anne (3466)!
3465 // CARMEN Skating Dress - Jalie

CARMEN - Robe de patinage

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Patron de tunique de patinage compatible à la taille avec le Maillot de cheerleading Anne (vendu séparément) pour une robe avec short ou jupe-culotte.

  • Robe de patinage artistique avec manche sans couture (longue, avec pointe ou trois-quarts)
  • Ouverture au dos
  • Découpe en cœur
  • Jupe ligne A avec ourlet qui allonge la jambe.

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6 mm (1/4’’), incluses
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I love this dress

I made 5 versions of this dress for my skater between the ages of 11 and 16. My kid has a very long body, which made her very hard to fit in a ready-made dress, and the pattern was pretty easy to adjust to make her look great on the ice. I used stretch velvet for the base of the dress, which was easy to work with, and matching mesh from Spandex House in NYC. I put the extra length into the skirt and under part of the dress, raising the waist a little bit. I bought too much fabric each time - extra 1/2 yard? - so that I could cut again if I didn't get it right the first time. It is a perfect dress for adapting into something new. I blinged it across the upper chest and shoulders in one version, around the skirt and neck in a different one.

Anastasia Tomilina
My personal experience

Unfortunately, the pattern didnt fit properly. The waist line is too low and this is the smallest issue with the pattern. I had to do a lot of adjustments to make it fit. As it was for my daugther - it was fine, but to use this pattern to make the dress for other kids, based on the measurement in the instruction I simply cannot, it is not possible at all. So for me it was a little bit of a dissapoinmtent because i expected proper standard patterns

Excelente, agreguen mas

lo mejor que he usado, otros patrones en mi pais (chile) son muy basicos, dando mas trabajo a la hora de crear
seria genial que agregaran mas patrones de vestidos y pantalones

Going to be my most popular style..

Have just sewed this for the first time. It was super easy to sew, went together perfectly. I did adapt the style using an appliqué method to put flesh mesh inserts into my design but didn't alter the basic pattern other than not sewing up the side seams on the skirt so that it looks split. My skater loved it and loved the sleeves and how the back feels secure but looks very open. I loved being able to add a necklace decoration that looked better on the seamless shoulders. I am sure I will be sewing this many, many times, love it.