Tankini avec jupe ou culotte

Jalie 3023 - Skirtini
3023 // Tankini / Skirtini - Jalie
Jalie 3023 - Low-Rise Bikini Bottom (B)
Jalie 3023 - Low-Rise Swim Skirt (C)
Jalie 3023 - Tankini / Skirtini - Kids sizes included!
Jalie 3023 - Tankini / Skirtini - Kids sizes included!
Jalie 3023 - Skirtini / Tankini - Line Drawings
3023 // Tankini / Skirtini - Jalie
3023 // Tankini / Skirtini - Jalie

Tankini avec jupe ou culotte

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  • Camisole avec brassière intégrée
  • Culotte avec ceinture large (B)
  • Culotte avec jupette (C).

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Customer Reviews

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Texas Royals Fan
Great drafting

Great pattern to achieve a youthful skirt for swim and a coordinated tankini top. I made this twice already using coordinated prints, solids and created a basic black skirt to mix and match with. Jalie for the win AGAIN!

Jill Kelly
Good pattern

I enjoyed making this pattern. However I have a bigger than average cup size and had to adapt the shelf in the tank top. A clue on how to do that would have saved a lot of stress

Question on the strap Jalie 3023

Am I missing something? Can't find markings on the strap piece, for the either neckline or side seams. The instructions for the strap attachment don't seem very clear either. And I have been sewing, following patterns for many years.

Snugger fit than on the pattern picture

I just finished sewing the tankini top for my 13-year old daughter. I chose size "R" because her bust size is 1/2" smaller than that. Her other measurements were dead-on for size "R." I used basic swimwear/dancewear lycra from JoAnnes. When done, the top fit like a glove, which means it was snug across her chest, waist, and hips. My daughter said it was comfortable, though, and wasn't too tight anywhere so the sizing was correct. It actually fit snugly like a one-piece swimsuit should fit.

I'm pointing this out in the review since I had imagined the fit to be a little bit looser like the tankini tops that I buy, and like the picture portrays. Because the fit is so true to the body, I will make a new one for my daughter in perhaps 2 sizes larger soon.

To add a little more give in the top that I did make, I added side gussets in a contrasting color which gave it real sporty look. I also added bra cups (looked up a how-to online) using the padding inserts from one of her existing bras. I had her try on the suit top with her bra on, then marked the place where the bra cups should go. After making sure they were symmetrically placed, I sewed them to the underside of the lining - very easy.


Loved this pattern. Fit was excellent. My teenaged daughters love having a really cute, modest swimsuit