TANIA - Extra pour doublure

TANIA Lining Add-on
TANIA Lining Add-on
3906a // TANIA Lining ADD-ON - Jalie

TANIA - Extra pour doublure

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Cet extra est un complément au patron original TANIA vendu séparément.

Il comprend des nouvelles pièces et des instructions illustrées pour ajouter une doublure à votre cardi-blazer Tania. Une doublure donnera une finition professionnelle à l'intérieur. Vous pouvez vous amuser avec des doublures colorés ou à motifs.

Le métrage pour la doublure est inclus dans le patron et disponible en ligne: https://jalie.com/product_sizes/3906a.pdf

Disponible en format téléchargeable seulement. Il peut s'imprimer à la maison (papier format lettre ou A4) ou au centre de photocopie sur une imprimante grand format (36'' ou A0).

Tailles incluses
28 tailles incluses dans le patron Tableau de mesures
Français, anglais Voir les instructions
Métriques et impériales
Valeurs de couture
1 cm (3/8’’), incluses
Types de fichiers
Instructions (print or read on device)
Impression à la maison (A4 / Lettre): 23 pages
Grand format (A0): 1 page(s)
Copy Shop (roll): 36'' x 48''
Fichier pour projecteur
Impression une taille à la fois (calques)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jalie Costigan lining

I had the PDF version. It was a nightmare to print correctly. I finally switched my browser from Firefox to Chrome and was able to print it out. I was unclear on where to tape it together but eventually got a working pattern. The directions could gave been clearer for construction even for this experienced sewer. I put the jacket all together after some troubleshooting. The lining worked well. All pieces fit and the bagging technique worked beautifully--much better than other times I've tried it. I think it is essential to the jacket. The finished product is much more professional and a pleasure to wear. I made the jacket twice so far. The first time I didn't line it and I don't like the unfinished inside. Then I ordered the lining pattern and had a lovely result. I think the lining pattern should be part of the original pattern and not an additional$8.00 The jacket ends up being quite expensive when you have to buy two patterns to complete it. I wanted to try an indepent company pattern and am now mulling whether the additional expenses are worth it.

Some edits

I haven't finished this coat and lining as yet as I had to work through a few bugs.
You need to add to the lining instructions at step 10 to finish coat instructions 18 & 19 before adding the lining, not just 5-14.

Great Addition

This was a great addition to the Tania jacket. It really cleans up the inside of the garment and hides the seams beautifully. I was amazed when I pulled the jacket through the arm hole! It was my first time doing a lining this way and it turned out great. My only note is that while the directions were clear, there could have been a bit more detail. For a first-timer this is a bit hard, but totally achievable with some concentration.

Réalisation avec doublure

Le modèle avec doublure n’est pas simple à réaliser, principalement l’assemblage des étapes 12 à 20 excluant les manches. Ce modèle mériterait une vidéo.