CORA - Legging et short

Jalie 3462 - Cora Running Tights Pattern (Fabrics RUB695 + MF 5001 from FunkiFabrics)
Jalie 3462 - Cora Running Tights Pattern
Cora Leggings in size H (4 years old)
Cora Leggings - Kids and adult sizes in the same pattern!
Jalie 3462 - Cora Running Tights Pattern (Printed fabric: TS165 from FunkiFabrics)
Jalie 3462 - Cora Running Tights Pattern
Practical pocket for your phone
Jalie 3462 - Cora Running Tights Pattern (Fabrics RUB695 + MF 5001 from FunkiFabrics)
3462 // CORA Tights and Shorts - Jalie

CORA - Legging et short

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Faites vos leggings avec ce patron, à une fraction du prix de vêtements de boutique.

  • A: Legging (collant) à la cheville, sans couture entre les jambes (idéal pour l'équitation), avec poche pratique au dos et bande de taille large
  • B: Short mi-cuisse avec bande à l'ouverture de la jambe

Vous trouverez un tutoriel vidéo complet pour ce patron dans la section "Aide et tutoriels" ci-dessous.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
perfect riding tights!

Had never thought about making riding tights before but when I needed new ones, refused to pay the crazy prices I was finding!! Enter a serger class and a recommendation from the facilitator and here I am writing a review for the best pattern going!
The sizing is pretty tight / true to size so I needed to revise accordingly. Really like the video instructions!

Easy to put together ... just wish there were a couple of official hacks

Despite the multiple, funky -shaped pieces, these came together pretty quickly. I pseudo-coverstitched most seams, and that took the longest. I found that these fit snug but not too tight, though that is with my "test" fabric - with other different fabric, it might be different. Next time, I'll hand-baste the round seam at the back. - it turned out fine but there was a lot of stopping, adjusting, starting, worrying about pins along the way.
Now for the hacks.... The one fit issue I have is that the waistband is higher than I'd like, so I want to try to lower that. And the two main things I look for when buying running pants are a kleenex pocket in the front and a zippered key pocket in the back. I wish there was an option for those with this pattern. In the end I sewed a piece of elastic into the pocket that I can clip my keys to, and I'll try to hack a kleenex pocket in next time.

Martine Dery
Vraiment beaucoup trop petit !!!

J'ai même fait 3 taille plus grande que d'habitude dans du Athletic knit et c'était encore trop petit. D'habitude vos patrons sont parfaits... C'est l'exception qui confirme la règle...

Very unsatisfied

The sizing is WAY off!!! Plus they lie when they say you can print one size at a time - you have to print ALL of them from tot to largest plus size and all of them inbetween. Very aggravating to try to cut it out - and that is just cutting the paper pattern. I don't think these patterns are very good.

*Comment from Jalie: The pattern is layered / If issues arise when printing, please contact us and we will gladly help you out.

Need tip to get the rounded bum seam smoothly sewn.

Love the look of these, the video tutorial and the fit. However, if anyone out there can give some tips on sewing the back ( bum) rounded seam, that the bottom of the pocket is in, I would love some tips! Thank you!! Anne.