Zip Pulls / Labels (pack of 3)

Jalie Zipper Pulls
Jalie Zipper Pulls
  • Jalie Zipper Pulls
  • Garment Label
  • Zipper pull on pajamas
  • Zipper pull on our 2795 jacket

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Pack of three Jalie zip pulls that you can also use as labels on your creations.

  • All edges are heat sealed so nothing will fray!
  • Laser cut opening to insert in the zipper cursor of jackets, hoodies, back packs, pencil cases...
  • Sew them to the inside or outside of your garments for a professional look.
  • Each label is 1/2'' x 2''
  • The label says  "★ Jalie ATHLETIC" (yellow star, white letters)
  • We chose black so they look brand new, forever!

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1 sizes included

Babies, Girls, Boys, Women, Men, Plus sizes

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